Travel Tips for Chiang Mai

Arriving in Chiang Mai

A taxi from the airport to your hotel in Chiang Mai will cost you 120 THB.
If you don’t have a hotel reservation you can place one at a desk inside the terminal.

Where to stay

Search cheap hotels in Chiang Mai

Personal recommendations go to the New Mitrapap Hotel, where you can get an airconditioned double room with private bathroom, minibar, 2 free bottles of water, satellite-tv and free WiFi for as little as 330 THB. The rooms are not huge but large enough for a small desk and a chair.

How to visit the Tiger Kingdom

Many package tours include a visit or Lunch at the Tiger Kingdom.
If you only want to see the Tiger Kingdom and ask around at the tourdesks for transport you will be given a price between 300-400 THB. This will happen as well if you ask around among the Tuk Tuk drivers.

But I have good news for you: there is a cheap and not too inconvenient way to reach the Tiger Kingdom that will cost you only 20 THB per person each way.

The Tiger Kingdom is located in Mae Raem (or Mae Rim). Mae Raem can be reached either with the yellow or white pick up trucks (songthaew).
The best place to catch one of these is the Busstation at Chang Puak Gate.
Usually the pick ups going to Mae Raem soon are waiting on the road opposite of the bus station.
Ask the driver to drop you at the Tiger Kingdom, pay your 20 THB and take a seat.

On the way back, follow the gravel road to the street, turn left and at the crossing make your way to the other side, wait for a white or yellow taxi to pass by and hail the driver. All of the Songthaews go to Chaing Mai, mostly making their way lefthand around the old quarter.

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